March 22, 2010


I do still, sometimes, use an actual hand held, stereotypical, camera. 

March 5, 2010

the adventures of gordon betty

I purchased a packet of negatives and slides in my favorite little booth at the River Market Flea. The packet is labeled Gordon Betty (insert an island name I can't recall at the moment) Greenland. Inside is a very strange assortment of images depicting who I assume is Mr. Betty, a few of his friends, and his travels. I'd like to make various sized prints and make an installation out of them. That is, if I can ever find the time in between thesis and have the money after printing my senior show. 

At what point does someone die and while sifting through their belongings someone says...'Let's sell Uncle Gordon's photo albums instead of keeping them'....

Anyway....Gordon and I are getting to know each other, and he's a pretty interesting guy...