April 10, 2010

i think it says something..

I bought this image last fall....as in Fall 2008. I thought it would be an interesting candidate for some of the cut out images I had been working on. However, I hadn't gotten the image back out since I bought it. That is until today.
This spring, I was accepted into a graduate program in San Francisco. On our hunt for a new home, we have been considering across the bay from San Francisco in an area called Alameda for the cheaper rent and small town feel. If I were to live there, I had thought ideally, I could ride a ferry from there to SF for school everyday. This ferry is the same exact ferry line as the one in the image.

Always look closely.

April 6, 2010

one. two. two little indians.

Just some cyanotype rif-raf from 2009 that I would love to return to if I could just find the time!

This was a test I did for a quilt. The goal was to print this image of my grandmother and her brother on an old quilt. I got as far as the final print and then found it ruined by a bad batch of chemicals. Rats.

April 3, 2010

my collection of characters

So, I buy a lot of stuff at thrift stores....Some might consider it a problem...

Over the past year, I've purchased a lot of stuff, including a lot of photographs. Many of which, I don't necessarily plan to include in my artwork but instead hang on my walls, store away for later, or use for inspiration. Anyway, while doing some organizing today, I realized they were worth posting.
They are indeed a quite nice little collection of characters....