August 16, 2011

photographing photographs

Phil Jung

I have a folder full of artworks/artists' files....and most of them are photographs of photographs. 
If I were an art collector, I think this would be my specialty.

Snapshot left on the moon by Apollo 16

Adam Bartos

Alec Soth

Klea Mckenna

Duane Michals

Edward Burtynsky

Hee Jin Kang

Anslem Kiefer

Lee Friedlander

Lee Friedlander

Lee Friendlander

Leslie Hewitt

Marcelo Brodsky

Marcelo Brodsky

Marcelo Brodsky

Massimo Sordi

Michael Huey

Mitch Epstein

Paul Graham

Robert Frank

Sarah Girner

Fazal Sheikh

Stephen Shore

Uta Barth

William Eggleston

Wright Morris

Zoe Leonard

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